New logo!

Doula Toni has been evolving and growing a lot over the last year. I recently hired a graphic artist to help me design a logo and business cards. I am so happy with the work that Dannielle from Blackbird Designs has done for me. I knew that I wanted the colors of the rising sun.… Continue reading New logo!

When are you due?

Pregnant women are often asked a multitude of questions. The two most common are probably “When are you due?” and “Is it a boy or a girl?” Although it is understandable that friends and family would want to know these things, I am often amazed by the complete strangers that feel the need to ask.… Continue reading When are you due?

Celebrating the Victories

I remember when I was planning my first birth several people told me, “You know they don’t give you a medal for doing it without drugs.” I know that for some people this was a nice way of telling me that they would understand if I changed my mind and got an epidural. For others,… Continue reading Celebrating the Victories

Breastfeeding Love

We all know that breast milk is best for babies, but can I tell you some of the reasons that I love to breastfeed? You might be surprised by my answer. It isn’t because it reduces my chance of developing uterine and breast cancer, although that is a definite plus. In fact, the health benefits… Continue reading Breastfeeding Love

I love midwives

I will say it again, “I love midwives!” The difference in care I received in my two births couldn’t have been more different.  In the typical OB appointment with my I would walk in and be handed a cup to pee in.  Then I would wait in the waiting room until a nurse came to… Continue reading I love midwives